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Opening up to the rest of the world

This is a post aimed at people diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, who may be trapped in self absorption.

Due to very unpleasant symptoms of social anxiety, I retreated from social events, and eventually the rest of the world, with the external world eventually becoming meaningless to me.

Following are some simple steps that helped me open my mind more. They may help other people trying to shed excessive self-absorption.

  1. Force your mind to uncurl outward.
  2. Notice the rest of the world you’ve been ignoring.
  3. Hopefully the rest of the world will become illuminated in your mind, like a light switch has turned on.
  4. Notice the contrast between your current mindset (connected to outer reality), and your previous reality (connected only to inner reality).
  5. Notice what tremendous self-absorption you’ve been in.
  6. Understand that you can shift your mind’s muscles at will (even if it might sometimes not be easy(, to open up out into the rest of the world.
  7. Next day, move your mind’s eye to a location hovering over a busy intersection you pass through frequently.
  8. Hold the vision you see with your mind’s eye as another layer of awareness to what you see with your own eyes.
  9. This is “mind over matter”.
  10. Pay more attention to your mind’s eye as it open up and outward over the rest of the outer world, and your living space will expand.