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How to deal with the profoundly negative voices you hear

  1. Pay attention to any patterns in what the voices say.
  2. Do you notice the voices repeat certain things?
  3. How often is what a voice tells you a repeat of what they’ve said before?
  4. How often do the voices pause, and say something thoughtful?
  5. If the things the voices say to you are always a repeat of something they’ve said before, and they never ever say anything thoughtful to you, can we conclude the voices you hear are not very thoughtful/mindful/conscious?
  6. Perhaps you can conclude they are behaving quite mechanically?
  7. Perhaps you can consider the voices to be some kind of recorded messages on repeat?
  8. Does this reduce your fear of them, and their power over you? (I hope it does)
  9. Bonus question: how often do the things that the voices repeat to you closely aligned to your deeper fears? Could you conclude the voices are simply regurgitating your own deeper fears, and including some negative beliefs about yourself?

Scientists still do not know what generates the voices we hear, however a scientific study did find that the part of our brains that generates speech is active when we hear voices.

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